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Attention Marketplace Health Partners Only: Inpatient Prior Authorizations – Cite AutoAuth

Inpatient prior authorization requests can now be processed through Cite AutoAuth.

  • No initial phone call, email or fax is necessary
  • Ability to upload clinical information to support request for authorization
  • Immediate approval or pend status of an authorization

Need refresher training? Log in to the portal and visit the Prior Authorization link to find videos, answers to frequently asked questions and a step-by-step guide.

Network Notifications

We want to make it easy for you to stay aware of any changes with CareSource® plans, as well as new processes we create to make doing business with us more efficient.

Network Notifications are published to communicate updates that impact claims, clinical guidelines, Provider Portal functions and more. Click below to see more!

CareSource HIP Members Will Not Be Issued a POWER Account Debit Card

In response to provider feedback, OMPP will be phasing out the Power Account debit card for the current HIP population. OMPP is anticipating a full phase out of the debit card by mid-year 2017.

While other plans may continue to use the debit card through mid-year, the state has permitted some Managed Care Entities (MCEs) to stop issuing POWER Account debit cards to their new (incoming) HIP members. In support of OMPP’s intent to phase out the use of the debit card, CareSource will not issue POWER Account debit cards for its HIP members.

More information can be found on the CareSource Healthy Indiana Plan Members - POWER Account Changes Network Notification.

Updates to the Find a Doctor/Provider Online Search Tool

CareSource recently upgraded our online health partner search tool. We have listened to member and health partner feedback to offer a more robust tool that is easier to use. Users can now set search parameters to quickly find practitioners based on name, location, specialty and more! Check out the improvements now by visiting the Find a Doctor/Provider tool.